Time to Rest and De-Stress

Make Over Your Evening Routine

Do you find yourself falling into bed wondering where your day went? Are you rushed to get out the door each morning? By making small changes to your evening routine, you can change your entire day for the better. Setting aside a little time each night for yourself is one of the best things you can do for you.

Be Active

One of the easiest ways to relax and de-stress is to move around. Go for a walk around the block with your headphones and favorite song. Moving your body is a great way to get your blood pumping and rejuvenate your body. Take a couple of minutes to do some yoga with deep breathing to relax your body and calm your mind. Keep in mind that right before bed is not usually the best time to have a high-intensity workout; this is more about simply keeping your body in motion.

Have a Mini Declutter Session

No one likes to wake up to a messy house. Before you start getting ready for bed, set a time for 15-20 minutes. Use this short amount of time to clean up as much of your house as you can. Focus on areas of your home you will use in the morning, like your bathroom and kitchen. Your morning self, will thank you for getting ready in a house that is not a disaster, and it will be easier to get out the door if you aren't digging through clutter.

Prepare For Tomorrow

How many times have you been late in the morning because you could not decide what to wear? Or, how often have you eaten a subpar fast food meal before you didn't make your own lunch? Take care of these small details before you go to bed to make your morning a little smoother. Lay out your clothes for the next day, including your shoes. This will help reduce the amount of decisions your morning-tired brain has to make. Preparing your lunch for the next day is best done as you are cleaning up your dinner. Take five extra minutes and pack your lunch while your kitchen is a mess, and all your food is out. You will be amazed in the morning by how time these two small steps will save you.

Take a Relaxing Bath

A bath is the perfect way to relax and recharge after a day at the office, running various errands, or chasing kids. It's also the perfect place to pamper yourself. Start with hot water and add in your favorite bath bomb or bath salts with Lavender or doTerra Serenity to help you unwind at the end of the day. (If you don't have a bath bomb or salts, put a few drops of oil in your shampoo or liquid soap and put in the water as you fill the tub to mix it around). Utilize this time in the tub to take care of your hair and skin. Apply a deep conditioner to your hair or a facemask to you skin and let them soak in during your whole bath. Take full advantage of this alone time to re-center yourself.

Start Your Diffuser

Using your oils to relax and re-center is one of the best ways to de-stress. Three of the best oils for finding peace at the end of the day are doTerra Balance, doTerra Console, and doTerra Serenity.

  • doTerra Balance was created to help ground emotions. It is formulated with emotionally beneficial essential oils that work together to create a sense of calmness and well-being.

  • doTerra Console is the perfect oil for the end of a hard day. Created to promote feelings of comfort and hope, diffuse this oil when you are feeling overwhelmed.

  • doTerra Serenity is a restful blend created to encourage calm emotions and lessen feelings of tension. It is the perfect oil to diffuse while falling sleep.

Avoid Screen Time

Low lighting is key to a good night's rest. Bright light from our screens triggers our brains to wake up and keep working. Instead of staring at your phone, right before bed is the to put on your pajamas and relax in a way that suits you. Take this time to read a good book, an old favorite or new adventure. If reading isn't your thing, try an adult coloring book. One of the best low light activities before bed is journal writing. Make a list in your journal of 15 things you are grateful for. Nothing builds more happiness and peace than recognizing the things in your life you are most thankful to have. Take some time reflect on your day an set goals for tomorrow in your journal as well. This time spent in the real world away from your phone will help your brain know it is time for rest.

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