The Science of Neroli

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It may come as a surprise to learn that different essential oils can be obtained from the same plant. For example, doTERRA’s Neroli is steam distilled from the delicate flowers of the bitter orange tree, whereas Petitgrain essential oil comes from the leaves and twigs. Even more, bitter orange essential oil can be obtained from the fruit peel! Who knew that one tree could produce so many essential oils?

Chemistry of Neroli

Linalool and linalyl acetate are chemical components of neroli, making it high in monoterpenes known for their calming and cleansing properties. Experimental research has shown that linalool, in particular, may have a relaxing aroma1-2. Additionally, the sweet, floral aroma of neroli essential oil has been reported to create a sense of calm3-4. This particular trait is why neroli was one of the oils chosen to be part of doTERRA’s Adaptiv Calming Blend. So, if you need to unwind, apply neroli to your palms and take three deep breaths to feel more at peace.

There is experimental research that suggests limonene may be soothing to the skin, and when applied topically, may help to keep the skin looking healthy5-7. Need a quick, easy way to help condition the skin? Just apply Neroli Touch before you moisturize, and throughout the day as needed.

Uses and Benefits

Neroli is a great option for those needing something relaxing, uplifting, and pleasant, and its applications are seemingly endless! To get started, try one of the options below:

  • Use Neroli Touch as part of a soothing foot massage at the end of a long day

  • Apply to pulse points to enjoy its uplifting aroma as needed

  • Can be used alone, or combines well with Lavender, Rose, or Chamomile as part of a soothing skin routine

  • Apply to the back of your neck throughout the day

  • Combines well with Lavender, Ylang Ylang, and Marjoram as part of a relaxing aromatic experience8


Neroli Touch is a great, convenient way to take advantage of everything this essential oil has to offer. Blended with doTERRA’s Fractionated Coconut Oil, it’s easy to apply anywhere and anytime. Need an uplifting aroma for long days at work? Or something to rub onto your temples when tensions arise? Grab your Neroli—it won’t let you down.

Happy Oiling!


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