Self-Care Routine... Take 2!!

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Self Care Routine - Take 2


Have you adopted a self-care routine yet? I am in love with my routine! Exercise has become a regular part of my day!!

Having energy during exercise is so important. My drink of choice is doTERRA Terra Greens & Lemon Essential Oil

Before every workout, I always rub doTERRA Breathe Vapor stick on my chest and doTERRA Deep Blue on my shoulders, knees and legs.

Deep Blue Rub and Breathe Vapor Stick is an essential addition to my bathroom cabinet and gym bag.

And of course after every workout I pamper myself with this wonder Essential Skin care routine. Taking care of your skin is vital and using all Natural products is a must!! I love doTERRA Essential Skin Care Line, it is the best!!

Diffusing after workout

Diffusing Essential Oils...When I am done exercising... I love diffusing Essential Oils! Diffusing is a wonderful way to add health benefits to my home, with just a few drops of oils.

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Love, Peace & Oils,


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