Our Road Trip To The Beautiful State Of Utah🌄🚙

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

My hubby and I traveled to the beautiful state of Utah! Everyone in their lifetime should visit Utah!

Traveling to Utah by car requires a trip to Amarillo, Texas! Beautiful sunset!

My office for the night... pool side!

New Mexico Welcomes You😊

Welcome to New Mexico the Land of Enchantment!!

Albuquerque here we come! It is so hard not to look at how many miles we have to go😉

Welcome to colorful Colorado! These dang bugs on the windshield😒

Look at these awesome mountains...

Welcome to Utah... Life Elevated😊

Utah is Beautiful!

The rocks were so close to the road, it felt like they were going to fall on you at any moment😲

You know the fool has said in his heart there is no God... nature is telling you God does exist, just look around :)

Hole in The Rock

We never leave home without our diffuser and oils😊 Diffusing oils in your hotel room gives you great health benefits... checkout how you can create a healthier hotel post here

We had the pleasure of attending the doTerra Convention, the largest convention in the state of Utah.. Wellness Advocates from all over the world😲

❤ Everyone that attended to convention received a backpack!!

I am so glad my hubby was with me to experience this wonderful event!!

I love doTerra, the largest Essential Oil company in the world!! Also the Purest oil on the planet!!

Team party... Enjoyed meeting all of these beautiful ladies😊

What is a Team Party without great food...

Sampling all of the oils...

Bulgaria and Somaliland

Douglas Fir


The weather was gorgeous!

This was such an awesome experience... Thank you Utah, until we meet again!!

Say yes to New Adventures😊


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