My Essential Oil Health Story

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

My Essential Oil health story :-)

Hi friends, just wanted to share how I got started in this awesome health and wellness journey!

I started using essential oils for my Natural hair in 2013. I did the Big chop (cut off all the perm)! That was scary, because I have always had long hair!! I started following the Natural hair ladies on YouTube, these ladies where using Essential Oils for their hair so I decided to give them a try as well. I purchased essential oils from retail stores and wholefood stores. I purchased these oils because the labels stated that they were 100% pure! But guess what I did not read the label carefully, because the labels clearly stated Aromatic use only, these oils that I purchased from the retail stores and wholefood stores that stated they were 100% pure was not to be applied to my hair. Perhaps that is why my hair was not growing, was not thick, was not shiny, was not manageable ☹ Boy was I fooled, I wondered constantly why my hair was not growing, why it was not soft was dry all the time! Lesson learned!! I was using these oils for 3 years and I did not see a difference in my hair. It was not until I was introduced to doTerra in 2016 that my hair texture and length started changing. I did not start with the oils for my hair right away, I thought I would have the same results with doTerra that I had with the other brand. I started with Lemon Essential Oil, it was love at first sniff. I read that Lemon essential oils was a detoxifier, mood elevator and guess what I could drink it in my water, so that is what I did daily!! I decided to start using the oils in my hair in 2017, I am so glad I did my hair started getting very thick and long. It is so manageable; shiny and my natural curl pattern returned. Now I am using the oils for Everything, for medicinal purposes, for my skin, taking them under my tongue. What started off as oils for my hair has turned into our daily practice, using the oils has made a tremendous difference in mine and my hubby’s life. We are prescription Free; we don’t use any OTC meds. I am using the oils to clean my home! This lifestyle is so empowering!! I decided to become a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA because the oils changed mine and my hubby’s life so much, I want to help others with these gifts from the earth. I want to empower women to take control of their own health and the health of their families. To learn more about essential oils, join my Facebook page

You can order your own oils here 👉👉👉 Make sure you sign up as a Wellness Advocate so you can get a free website and start sharing too! I am excited to be on this new adventure with you!! Thanks for reading my story, I hope it inspired you to make the Natural alternative switch. Please share this with anyone who you think will benefit. My goal is to get doTerra in thousands of homes!

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