Mother Nature's Cleaning Cupboard

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

It’s out with the old and in with the new. There’s something about the shedding of our winter coats that prompts us to clean every nook and cranny of our living spaces. After hibernating all season long, spring time is cleaning time, but with all those chemical-filled products on the market, how can you deep clean without running the risk of introducing toxins into your home? Naturally safe and effective, essential oils are powerful cleaning and refreshing agents; try these nature-based recipes to detoxify your spring cleaning routine.


All-purpose cleaner: mix Tea Tree (Melaleuca) with distilled water and white vinegarGrease cleaner: mix Wild Orange with distilled water and Castile soapGlass cleaner: mix distilled water with white vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and cornstarchWood cutting board cleaner: mix Fractionated Coconut Oil, Citrus Bliss, and Lemon with distilled waterSilver and stainless steel cleaner: soak utensils in white vinegarGrout cleaner: mix distilled water with baking soda, vinegar, and lemon juiceFloor cleaner: mix distilled water with rubbing alcohol and vinegar

Living Room

Carpet cleaner: mix Lavender with your favorite citrus oil, hot water, hydrogen peroxide, white vinegar, and dish soap Upholstery cleaner: mix rubbing alcohol with white vinegar Wood polish: mix Lemon with pure olive oil and white or orange vinegar Air cleaner: diffuse Purify


Linen detergent: mix Tea Tree (Melaleuca) with Castile soapDryer sheets: mix Lavender or Sandalwood with white vinegar and soak a small cloth with the mixtureLinen spray: mix Lavender or Serenity with distilled water and clear alcoholIndoor plant bug spray: mix Peppermint with distilled vinegarDust cleaner: mix Lemon and Grapefruit with almond oil, vegetable glycerin, and apple cider vinegar


Surface cleaner: mix Lavender, Lemon, and distilled water with vinegarMirror cleaner: mix Peppermint with distilled water and white vinegarRust remover: use white vinegarMildew remover: mix Peppermint and Tea Tree (Melaleuca) with hydrogen peroxideToilet bowl cleaner: mix Tea Tree (Melaleuca) with baking soda and vinegar

It's Good to have Options

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