Ruth's Top 10 For November🍂

Hi friends,

I hope you are doing well and you have an awesome Thanksgiving. Just wanted to share my top 10 things I am loving for the month of November... I can't believe it is November, this year is going by to fast.

1. I am in love with doTerra Hydrating Body Mist. A lightweight body mist perfect for hydrating your skin daily.

2. I recently discovered Matcha Tea and I have fallen in love.

3. My new favorite morning routine; Detoxing.

4. doTerra On Guard Mouthwash is my new jam!

5. My hubby and I have been bike riding in the morning.

6. My current essential oil diffuser obsession is Holiday Joy and Peppermint 🤗

7. I am in love with the Advanced Oil Magic đź“– This book has over 600 ailments + Lifestyle Protocols + QR Video Blips

8. MCT Oil is my New Favorite Fractionated Coconut Oil

9. LaraBar my new favorite snack, perfect for traveling!!

10. I am loving Lavender essential oil in my mascara!!

These are a few of my favorite things for November ❤


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