How to Relax and Recharge With Your Spouse ☺️💕

My hubby and I love road trips!! It is the perfect time to get away and regroup and listen to each other :-) enjoy each other's company!!

Welcome to Oklahoma...

Welcome to Missouri... We enjoy the different states we travel through!

Our son has moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota... (The Show Me state)!! Woohoo, a new state for us to explore :-)

Family Time!

The weather is perfect this time of year, lots of people where out enjoying this beautiful evening!!

My hubby celebrating his 64th birthday with Shaq (just kidding)!! It really was his birthday...

Love trying new restaurants... Red Cowmn... This BLT was delicious!

Minnesota is truly the land of 10,000 lakes!! Lake Calhoun..

Traveling with my hubby is the best, we grow closer together... We exercise together, we take walks together to explore the new state that we are in!!

Do you and your spouse like to take road trips?

Happy trails!


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