Still Loving My New Favorite Exercise 💕And Why You Should Start Working Out Today 🏋🏻‍♀️👊💪🏿

I am still loving my new Favorite exercise! I am seeing great results :-) I look forward to getting on this machine and working my upper and lower body!!

My hubby and I workout 5 days a week... We have added weight training as well. Self-care is so important, when the lady of the house is healthy the whole house is healthy! Checkout my self-care routine here...

When you fall in love with taking care of yourself, you feel so great! You love what you see in the mirror!! I have fallen in love with exercising! I feel so good when I am done!!

Here are some great Benefits of Exercising...

  • Exercise gives you endorphins...endorphins makes you happy :-) and who doesn't want to be happy? When I am more physically active I'm happier! When I up the ante on my workouts my happiness meter gets a boost. The takeaway? Working out can make you happy long term; adding extra intensity can make you feel even better.

  • Learn to set — and achieve ­— goals...Whether it's to increase the amount I lift on the bench or increasing my sets on the machine, setting and achieving fitness goals is an incredible self-confidence boost.

  • Reduce your risk of heart disease naturally...Get out of the medicine cabinet and reduce your risk of heart disease the natural way.

  • Sleep better...If you can’t sleep and instead are prone to tossing and turning, exercising can help you sleep better. By strengthening circadian rhythms, exercising can help keep you more bright-eyed during the day and bring on sleep at night. It also promotes better quality sleep.

  • Get an energy boost...My energy level is so high! When you’re feeling exhausted, the last thing you might want to do is squeeze in a workout. But, according to experts, that’s exactly what you should do. They found that low-intensity exercise, the equivalent of a leisurely stroll, experienced a drop in fatigue levels and a 20 percent energy boost.

  • Increase Strength and Flexibility...Love Weight lifting!! I started lifting weights when my son was in the 7th grade! It was love at first lift...... Strength training, weather your lifting weights doing body weight exercise, push-ups, yoga helps improve muscle strength and muscle mass which is very important as we age. And it also keeps your bones strong, keeping osteoporosis away!! Plus, increased muscles help you to burn calories long after you workout...

  • Increase self-confidence... Feeling down on yourself? Exercise can help you feel better about matter what type of workout you do or how fit you are.

  • Become less susceptible to disease...From fortifying your immune system against future cancer to reducing the risk of breast cancer, regular exercise helps protect your body!

  • Live longer...I want to be around for my grandchildren and enjoy many special moments with my hubby... that's what life really is all about!!

To see results, you have to be consistent :-)

Have a self-care kind of day!


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