Oily Hacks For Women

Oily Hacks for Women

  1. Allergy Roller (lemon, lavender & peppermint) – after brow wax

  2. Arborvitae – pimples, canker sores, stops dogs from chewing and wetting (spray on areas of concern), add one drop to Verage serum to reduce signs of aging.

  3. Aromatouch – clogged ears, airplane ears, kid tantrums

  4. Balance – bikini line aftershave, sore bum or diaper rash

  5. Breathe – reduce anxiety

  6. Breathe Vapor Stick – headaches, muscle aches, stuffiness, deodorant

  7. Body Wash – facial cleanser, shaving cream

  8. Cassia oil (diluted) for UTI

  9. Correct X – under eye puffiness or dark circles, chapstick, lip gloss, lip conditioner, eye serum, bug bites, cuticle cream, tattoo healer, hemorrhoids, add peppermint to plump lips, eye cream, lady parts & dry cracked feet or heels

  10. Cypress/FCO – deodorant

  11. DDR Prime – 2 drops to flower water; cystic acne (roller diluted), stops dogs from chewing

  12. Deep Blue – cramps

  13. Digestzen – congestion, sinus issues, ear popping, layered with Melaleuca for additional ear popping.

  14. Digestzen – then Breathe for sinus relief

  15. doTERRA deodorant – inner thigh rub & under the girls

  16. FCO – eye make up remover

  17. Geranium, Ylang Ylang & Lavender with FCO – hormonal stuff! Rub on tummy & private parts.

  18. HD Clear – yeast infections, vaginal cleanliness (diluted in a spray bottle), deodorant (diluted), body wash for break out on skin, athlete’s foot

  19. HOPE – deodorant

  20. Immortelle – owie stick, deodorant, sunburns, bumps, bruises, scrapes, apply to scars from surgery or circumcision, peri spray (diluted), stretch marks

  21. Intune – deodorant

  22. Lavender & castor oil added to mascara

  23. Lavender or Clove – splinter remover. Rub on splinter – let set a few seconds – pops right out.

  24. Lavender & Rosemary – add to castor oil in a cleaned out mascara bottle for longer lashes; add to eyebrows for brow growth

  25. Lemon – natural highlights in hair (20 drops/4oz glass bottle; spray on hair before heading outside, peanut butter jar cleaner (add a couple drops with water to jar; shake; turn upside down; set overnight; dump out!

  26. Lemon, Lavender, Geranium or Wild Orange – stop bleeding

  27. Lemongrass – nail polish remover

  28. Melaleuca – stop ingrown hairs, eliminate bumps after shaving, spray on dry hair, athletes foot, calming, greasy hair or face,

  29. Melaleuca Touch – razor burn

  30. Melaeuca – toilet bowl cleaner (mix with baking soda & vinegar)

  31. Melaleuca, Lavender and Wild Orange – Bathroom Cleaner

  32. Melissa – cold sores

  33. Mud Mask – deodorant, blemish cover up, detox armpits

  34. Myrrh – pantyhose runs/snags

  35. Myrrh & FCO – cuticle strengthener, hardens nails, dry cracked feet

  36. On Guard Concentrated Cleaner – make up brush cleaner – soak overnight, carpet cleaner, diluted in roller for stains

  37. On Guard Hand Soap – Make up remover, facial cleanser, make up brush cleaner

  38. On Guard Laundry Detergent – carpet cleaner, diluted in roller for stains

  39. On Guard Toothpaste – add geranium for deodorant, clean jewelry, polish silver, clean glass cook tops or glass fireplace doors, toenail shine

  40. Past Tense – burns

  41. Peppermint – ticks (after they are removed), apply to neck to rid hiccups, restless leg syndrome, add 1 drop to intimate lubricant

  42. Peppermint beadlets – in mouth during intimacy

  43. Purify – spot cleaner on carpets, internally for bladder/kidney issues.

  44. Root to Tip Serum – blemishes & zits, great for dandruff, hair detangler, dashboard detailing

  45. Root to Tip Serum & Healthy Hold Glaze ½ & ½ for fine hair – balances and moistures at the same time.

  46. Roman Chamomille or Clove – toothache

  47. Sandalwood (Hawaiian – rid hiccups

  48. Serenity soft gels – drop in tub!

  49. Slim & Sassy – use in place of On Guard, rub on feet to help sleep

  50. Slim & Sassy Gum – open sinuses, soothe headache, popping ears, heartburn & morning sickness

  51. Shampoo – body wash – Conditioner – shaving cream

  52. Sugar Scrub – shaving

  53. Terrazyme – take on empty stomach for skin challenges

  54. Verage toner – sunburns, mommy belly, spray on to set make up, aftershave, afternoon hair picker upper, added to sprayer with DDR prime for skin

  55. Vetiver – firms up the girls, calms dogs, apply on top of burning oil to soothe

  56. White Fir – cramps

  57. Wild Orange – 2 drops to water for pedi soak

  58. Yeast infection – soak an organic tampon in FCO, Melaleuca & Frankincense, insert over night – gone in the AM.

  59. Ylang Ylang – add to intimate lubricant

  60. Zendocrine – acne treatment

  61. Zendocrine Herbal Complex – linger cough

  62. Zendocrine soft gels – take before bed if you drank too much

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