Are you Living Your Joy!?!

Hi ladies, My new Health and Wellness journey has been wonderful😊 I have enjoyed this transition of a Natural Lifestyle for my hubby and I and our home. Since joining DoTerra last April and helping many of you start your own journey. I am excited about where 2018 will take me!! Building a team of like minded ladies is so important to me, ladies who want to change their lives as well as their family, and help others do the same!! When I joined DoTerra I was not very knowledgeable about Pure grade essential oils! Boy have I learned a lot🤗 I want to share all that I’ve learned with others. I want to build a team of ladies, that love living a healthy lifestyle and love sharing what they’re learning with others!! My goals this year for 2018 are: 💰Be financially free 🤝 help other women build a thriving network 🌱 model a healthy natural lifestyle 📚keep learning and growing in my business 🤓 step out of my comfort zone I LOVE what I do! Love time freedom! Love sharing these Beautiful oils with others💚 I am living my Joy! Are you living your Joy? I would love for you to be on my team, we can live our Joy together, while building this healthy business 🤗 My upline, Bonnie Donahue is an inspirational woman who is paving the way for us to help others lead healthier lives while gaining financial freedom! I have gained many friends on this journey and I am so grateful💞 So if you have questions about becoming a Wellness Advocate or if you’re ready today, private message me and I’d be happy to set up a time for us to chat ☺️

Get out there and take a chance on something new. You just may harvest something fun and unexpected.


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