Benefits of Tongue Scraping & Oil Pulling!!

Hi friends! Have you tried scraping your tongue? There are many benefits to this process!!

I started scraping my tongue 2 months ago and I am in love with the results! I wanted to share with you why I do it and some of the benefits that I’ve experienced using it.

  1. Clears Toxins and Bacteria from your Tongue-if you scrape it off and eliminate it, it won’t get reabsorbed into your body.

  2. Enhances Sense of Taste-your food will actually taste so much better.

  3. Gets Rid of Bad Breath-it has been shown to improve your breath by 75%.

  4. Boosts your Immunity-your tongue is the first stop on your defense with your immune system. When it’s at its best and functioning properly, it can protect you from illness.

  5. Starts your Day Healthy-your whole mouth will feel cleaner.

  6. Jumpstarts your Internal Organs-each section of your tongue correlates with different sections of your internal body. Keeping it clean keeps all parts of you functioning at your best!

  7. Self-Care-because you’re worth it!

Have you tried tongue scraping yet? I love it! I bought mine HERE on Amazon but you can pick one up at your local store too.

I started Oil pulling in November. I love the benefits of oil pulling! After researching all of the of the benefits and realizing that this was another way to rid my life from unneeded chemicals like those found in drugstore mouthwash. I have fallen in love with this procedure...

There are health benefits to this amazing procedure!

Oil pulling is actually an ancient Ayurvedic practice that is making a 3,000 year comeback! This technique has been gaining popularity during the last year in the United States not only because it can prevent and treat gum disease and tooth decay, help with halitosis and whiten teeth but is also believed to help with tension headaches, asthma, bronchitis and even beautify skin. The reason it works is simple: most of the toxins making our mouth their home are fat-based, and therefore not water soluble.

New to Oils and want to get started?

Go Here NOW!

I am excited to help you on this Beautiful Essential Oil Journey!


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