All Purpose Lemon Cleaner

I love using Lemon Essential Oil! Aside from it's many benefits to the body. Lemon is also a very powerful cleansing agent. With this mixture you can shine steel, remove grime from microwaves, freshen up your garbage disposal, and even deep-clean appliances like your washing machine and refrigerator


5-10 drops Lemon Essential Oil

1 cup water

1 cup vinegar


Combine all ingredients in a glass container and mix well. Use this mixture with a toothbrush, microfiber cloth, or other cleaning tool to dust, shine dull surfaces, and remove dirt and grime around the home. This all purpose cleaner can be combined in a glass spray bottle and kept in your kitchen or bathroom for easy access to clean daily spills and messes. Shake well before each use.

This Lemon cleaner is great on stainless steel appliances!

Do you use Lemon essential oil to clean around your home? Are you ready to begin your Essential Oil Lifestyle? Go here Now to get started!

I am excited to help you on this Beautiful Journey,


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