Loving this Essential Oil Lifestyle😊

Are you still using that brand of essential oil? You know the one! That brand that you bought from a Whole Food or a retail store? I once used that brand as well. I am so glad I switched!

The brand that I am using now is doTERRA Essential Oil. These oils are amazing!! (They are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade)! I like these oils better than anyone that I have tried!! I am loving how I feel. I use to have head and neck tension, on going head tension, long term head tension, and now I no longer have those issues, I use Peppermint for my head and neck tension! I can go on and on about these amazing oils, but that will be for another post!!

My very first experience with the oils was great. I started using Lemon, one drop in my water, it was love at first sniff!! Now I am using everything, I have revamped my medicine cabinet! Checkout my stash Here!

My hair is so soft, and healthy. Check out my Natural Hair Journey using these Beautiful oils Here

My Bantu knots are thicker and longer now! No need for a bobby pin!

I am 57 years old, and I feel so good!! My skin is blemish free. 🤗 Click Here to learn more about my Favorite skin care line! These oils are a game changer!!

Ready to begin your Essential Oil Lifestyle? Go here Now!!

I am excited to help you on this Beautiful journey!!


Life is a journey, enjoy your ride!!

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