DIY Mango Butter Hair Cream

I am in love with this DIY Mango Butter Cream!

This extremely sweet fruit originates from South Asia. Mango butter is derived from the fruit’s seed, which is cold-pressed to extract the butter. The butter is soft and doesn’t feel greasy. Although it hardens at room temperature, it melts as soon as it makes contact with skin. Since the butter is extracted from the seed and not the fruit itself, it only has a mild scent.

Mango butter can improve hair health!

Due to its moisturizing properties, you can use it on dry and damaged hair.


Melt the butter in a double boiler. Essentially, that means to place it in a container that is floating in a pot of boiling water- make sure to use a container that can withstand the boiling water! Then mix in the avocado oil, aloe vera gel, and lavender essential oil. Next, place this mixture in the refrigerator until it’s hard. After about 15 minutes, place the mixture into a blender and blend until you get a creamy texture.

Get ready to experience soft, shiny hair!

Have you tried Mango Butter? How do you use it?


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