DIY Mattress Cleaning Spray WITH ESSENTIAL OILS

It's fall cleaning time! I've been cleaning and freshen up the house...

I wanted to share a new DIY with you that will get your mattresses nice and fresh! It is super easy to make and you will love it!

This purifies the air and the blend includes...

Lemon Peel

Lime Peel

Siberian Fir Needle

Austrian Fir Needle

Pine Needles

Citronella Grass

Melaleuca Leaf


DIY Mattress Cleaning Spray

small glass spray bottle

1 oz witch hazel

10 drops Purify Essential Oil

Fill the rest with distilled or filtered water and shake vigorously. Spray and freshen your mattresses!

This cleaning spray smells delightful!!

What oils are you using today?

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Ready to begin your Essential Oil Lifestyle?

I am excited to help you on this Essential Oil journey!


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