Winter is coming... Be prepared with these Top Natural Remedies!

Winter is fast approaching.

I know, how can I be talking about winter when it is 90 degrees outside!! We have to get ourselves and our family prepared ahead of time.

With the weather changing I want to have things on hand to protect and support myself and my hubby naturally.

Keep hands washed. I am constantly washing my hands, germs are everywhere!

Diffuse beautiful cleansing essential oils throughout your home. I love diffusing Citrus Bliss, Wild Orange, and Tangerine during the winter. It’s so refreshing! If you want to get started with oils you can go Here.

Drink plenty of water. I am in love with adding essential oils to my water. I love using lemon, tangerine, and grapefruit. Staying hydrated is so important.

Get 8 hours of sleep a night. Make sleep a priority! We love diffusing Serenity at bedtime!

Eat plenty of fruits and veggies. I love eating salads everyday.

Take Supplements. I’m in LOVE with the Lifelong Vitality Pack from doTERRA.

Clean your main surfaces several times a day. I wipe down everything after meals and keep everything sanitized with OnGuard Cleaner as much as possible. It’s an amazing cleaner! Want to make your own homemade wipes? Here’s a DIY Recipe.

When essential oils came into my life I discovered another incredible tool to add to my wellness tool bag that I previously underestimated and didn’t understand the value of.

Ready to get these essential oils in your home?

Start Here...

Stay well this Winter!


If you are new to essential oils and would like further information about the purest & highest quality essential oils in the world....head over to 👉

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