10 Uses for Serenity

Restful Blend... The Oil of Tranquility

Restful Blend has a powerful effect on the mind and heart. It is a uniquely calming blend that invites individuals to relinquish feelings of stress, anxiousness, and being overwhelmed. Restful Blend can support those who struggle with an overactive mind and inability to unwind. From feelings of responsibility to feelings of worry, Restful Blend assists in quieting the mind, releasing agitation and inviting calm.

I love this blend! I use it every night at bedtime... I place a drop on my pillow, rub under my nose and apply to the bottom of my feet. I also diffuse Serenity!!

10 Uses for Serenity

1. Occasional sleeplessness, tiredness”

Diffuse or apply under nose or bottoms of feet

2. Anxiousness, Anxious feelings, Calms emotions, Soothes tension”

Apply under nose and to back of neck or diffuse

3. Fussy Baby & Restless Child

Diffuse or apply diluted to bottoms of feet or down spine to calm

4. Tension & Mood Swings

Inhale from cupped hands directly from hands or diffuse throughout the day. Rub on back of neck or over chest

5. Skincare

Apply to area of concern

6. Muscle Tension

Apply to area of concern

7. Perfume

Apply to pulse points

8. Calm Fears & Nervousness

Apply to back of neck or diffuse

9. Bath & Bedtime Routine

Use in baths or apply to bottoms of feet to relax and unwind

10. Anger, Agitation & Irritability

Diffuse or apply under nose and to bottoms of feet to calm

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