Ladies self-care is important!

Easy Self-Care routines!!

Exercise...I have fallen in love with exercising! I feel so good when I am done!! And the added bonus, I like what I see in the mirror!

Love Weight lifting!! I started lifting weights when my son was in the 7th grade! It was love at first lift...

When I am done exercising... I love diffusing Essential Oils! On this day I was diffusing Wild Orange, Peppermint and Sunny Citrus. To learn more about the oils I was diffusing... Go here now

Healthy Eating...

What better way to take care of yourself than to eat healthy... My favorite lunch, Salads..

Have Fun!

Kayaking is so much fun... and it has health benefits...You can work your upper and lower body!

Mini Vacation!!

Take time to just get away! Away from computers, cell phones, emails... Just relax!!

Self-care is so important! When you are healthy your household is healthy... so ladies take time to incorporate self-care in your daily routine!!!

Live Healthy Live Happy Live Well


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