My Natural Hair Journey...

I am loving this Natural Hair Journey...

I decided to go Natural in 2013. It was scary at first, but I am so glad I did it!

I did the Big chop (cut off all of the perm)! And started from scratch... I started making my own DIY shampoos and Deep conditioners. That was the best decision I made... I did not want to put anymore chemicals in my hair!! I started using lots of Oils, especially Essential Oils!

The brand that I was using did not give me the results I was expecting... It took a while for my hair to really start growing! I was introduced to doTERRA Essential Oils in 2016... Wow! What a difference... My hair started getting thicker and growing so fast!!

This picture was taken 6/5/2017... What a transformation!!! I am Loving the results now!!

Are you a Natural Girl? Do you use Essential Oils in your Hair?

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Have a Happy Healthy Day!


Here is a list of the Oils I use in my hair:



Melaleuca (Tea Tree)





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