My Favorite DIY Shampoo...

African Black Soap Shampoo!!!

Here is one of my Favorite DIY Shampoo...


1 oz soap (purchased from Whole Foods Market)

5 oz warm water

11/2 Jojoba Oil

1 tsp Glycerin (purchased from )

1/2 Argon oil

1 tsp Vitamin E oil (purchased from Trader Joes)

10 drops Lavender oil

10 drops Rosemary oil

10 drops Peppermint oil

10 drops Melaleuca (tea tree)

Cut soap in small pieces add 5 oz in a mason jar (or glass jar of your choice).

Add all ingredients, stir liquid cover and let stand until soap has dissolved.

I like keeping my shampoo in the fridge until I am ready to use it. When it is time to shampoo I place just enough shampoo in an applicator bottle and cleanse away!

I love this shampoo because it is all Natural and Chemical free!!

Click here to learn more about the Essential Oils I love using in my DIY...


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